Andrey Suazo




Tamarindo is one the best places in the world. They have good coffee and the people down there are authentic and live with a passion. All thier food is 100% organic as Costa Rica has one of the biggest agriculeture development areas in the world as far a processing 100% authentic food. The food is not overloaded with pesticides and chemicals. It comes strait from the farm and from the land. Since Costa Rica is so undeveloped, the trees and all ther fruits down there are bigger and more fresh with nutrients. All of the people live down there with the phrase: Pura Vida, which means so many things: God Bless, Have a great day, live pure, get stoked, be happy, live happy. Our message is a little different as we stand for Christ and living the Pure Life through Him. Similar though, but more spiritual. We embrace the Costa Rica culture and are glad to be a part of it and Tamarindo. As we launch our surf brand and minister to people and natives in the area. We are looking at doing Gods work down there.